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We have fixed over 30,000 mobile phones so you know your mobile is in safe hands!

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Central Scotlands Leading Mobile Phone Repair Centres

Welcome to CK Electronics, your No.1 repair centre for all mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC and Chromebook repairs.

Bring your devices to one of our repair centres in Dundee, St. Andrews or Edinburgh for a quick qoute and speedy repair of all your devices. All repairs are covered by our 28 days guarantee.

Mobile phone repair shops Dundee, St. Andrews and Edinburgh

Since 2009 CK have been providing a first class mobile phone repair services in Dundee, St. Andrews and Edinburgh. We repair all types of mobile phones, tablets and PCs. We can repair almost any type of defect including:

  • cracked and smashed screen replacement
  • earphone socket replacement
  • volume and on/off button repairs
  • cover replacement
  • battery replacement
  • internals repair and replacement

Computer and Tablet Repairs

PC or Tablet running slooooooow....?

Give us a call and book it in for a CK Overhaul!. We will remove any unwanted programs and files from your PC or tablet, remove viruses and bloatwear to get your PC or tablet back to full fitness.

We will also give you the best first hand advice to esnure you keep your PC and Tablets running at full speed!

Plus all work carried out at our repair centres is guaranteed for up to 28 days.

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Customer Feedback

We would like to thank all of our customers for the great feedback over the years. Here are a few customer comments.

Graham B from Dundee

Took my phone to the shop in the High Street with a smashes screen. I got a great quote and had the phone back fully repaired in just 1 hour.

Would recommend CK Electronics to my friends!

Jimmy Alexander from Dundee

Staff at CK are friendly and helpful. I had issues with my earphone jack. Took it in and got it back in a couple of hours fixed!

Cost less than expected.

Colin Drummond from St. Andrews

My phone wouldnt charged so I thought I was going to have to bin it. Asked in the shop if it can be fixed - got the charging point repaired the same day!

Glad I went in!

Ashley from Edinburgh

Dropped my new iPhone and smashed the screen. Didnt have insurance so I was gutted as you can imagine. Told the man what happened and asked if I can get it repaired. They had to order a new screen so I had to wait 2 days but now the phone works like new! Big thanks to all the staff and CK Electronics!

Get your Mobile, PC or Tablet repaired

If you need a mobile phone, PC, Tablet or Chromebook repaired, please feel free to get in touch today on 07448 928 840 and we will be happy to help or you can fill in our enquiries form and one of our friendly staff will get back to you shortly.